Unfortunately, you are not making the minimum score in order to apply under the Express Entry visa.


However – as your legal counsel - we can offer you options to overcome this obstacle and fix this!

If you are still considering the Express Entry visa - route and if your score was under 440, please read the following.

if you meet the minimum language level in English or French of CLB 7, we recommend you to add some consolidation to your profile by using the Experience Class Category:


By Improving your score!

By, using the LMIA (you will have to  start a business) or the Intra-Company Transferees
(if you currently own your enterprise), at first.

Those programs will allow you to come to Canada with a Working permit for a period of 12 months.

This will have 2 intended outcomes:

1. You will gain 12 months of work experience in Canada (which is a sizeable additional points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) 

2. Your own Company can issue a Job offer to your benefit (again, highly rewarded in terms of points).

Then, after 12 months, we will reassess your points using the same  Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS),
a second time around:

Up to 250 additional points can be obtained, which could make all the difference in your application!

With a score exceeding 440 points, you will then be eligible and thus we will be ready to file your Permanent Residency application under the Express Entry!


Interested? Does this meet your expectations?

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