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Premier Programs Exclusively for Businesspeople.

With a cost from CAN$50,000 to CAN$200,000,
you can move to Canada with your family.

With a total cost of up to CAN$200,000, you can invest in a start-up and apply directly for your Permanent Residency Visa.

For an initial cost of CAN$50,000 + investment in your project, you can get a business work permit and create your business in Canada. After approximately 12 months, you could apply for your Permanent Residency Visa. The investment in your business depends on your specific project and your profile.  

Canada welcomes businesspeople (and entrepreneurs) who - like you - seek an incomparable quality of life. For personalized information on your case, get started by filling out the questionnaire.

We are a Canadian law firm, and our correspondence will remain confidential. With 4,000+ cases processed since 1995, we offer only the best options for immigrating to Canada. Your spouse and all children under 22 years old at the time of the file submission to the Immigration Authority are included in your application.