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Intra-Company Transferees (ICT) Video

Work permit first with the Canadian Immigration Authorities, no first step Provincial approval required, permanent residency application under the Express Entry visa can be filed after 12 months of presence in Canada within 3 years.

  • You must have an intermediate level in French or English of 5.
  • You must have a High School diploma.
  • Your minimum investment once in Canada must be significant for the Canadian economy.
This program is designed for corporate immigration, thus allowing multinational companies with a branch, parent company, affiliate or subsidiary in Canada to transfer foreign (nationals) workers, temporarily.
Although there is no requirement for an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) or recruitment process, all potential intra-company transferees must obtain a work permit (regardless of connecting branches of employment) in order to be considered for an employment transfer to Canada.
Besides, the said employee must have been employed – in the foreign counterpart company – continuously for at least 1 year in the past 3-year period preceding the date of the application, at one of the 3 following positions:

  • Executive level: primarily helming the management of the enterprise, or a significant component thereof, and receive only general (if any) supervision from higher-level executives.

  • Manager (functional) level: people who may not supervise other employees but work at a senior level and are essential in achieving the company’s goals.

  • Specialized knowledge level: employees who have access to critical skills and expertise in the enterprise’s processes and procedures (which an outsider regardless of their abilities do not know).

Typically, ICT is relevantly applied where a company already has an established business in Canada. In some situations though, when a company is launching a new in Canada, ICT will be allowed for such scenario. However, in these cases, additional information and documentation are needed to further the application, such as: having secured physical premises in Canada, proof of financial sustainability (functioning costs and payrolls), as well as submitting a business plan along with it.

In this scenario, the initial work permit is always issued for 1 year. For renewal, you should provide the evidence that you successfully operated your business in Canada (activities are running accordingly/smoothly and that the staffing is at full capacity).

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