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Are all Canadian work permits temporary?

Are all Canadian work permits temporary?

Are all Canadian work permits temporary?

Many foreign nationals who are looking to immigrate to Canada permanently may discard considering a work permit, knowing that it will only grant them temporary status in the country. A Canadian work permit is temporary, and is generally valid from 12 to 36 months. The duration of your work permit may also be dependent on your job or your employer.

While a Canadian work permit is temporary by nature, it can still help you work towards your long-term immigration goals and put you in a better position to apply for permanent residence in the future.

Applying for a Canadian work permit can be a great first step towards building a life in Canada. 

Changing jobs with a Canadian work permit

Obtaining a Canadian work permit is typically contingent upon a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. 

If at any point you would like to change jobs, you would need to obtain an offer of employment from your new employer, including a new LMIA and subsequently apply for a change in your work permit. All of this must be done prior to the expiration of your original work permit. 

It is important that your new employer completes all steps for you to keep your foreign worker status.

What happens if your Canadian work permit expires and you fail to apply for extension before the expiry date.

We always recommend applying for extension of status before the expiry date of your initial status to avoid any potential complications related to your lack of status in Canada, and so that you can continue working while your request is being processed.

However, if you fail to renew your work permit status before the expiry date, you may still remain in Canada as long as you make an application for the restoration of status and extension of your status as a worker. 

You need to understand that if you fail to submit an application for extension of status before the expiry of your existing permit, you become illegal in Canada and you lose your right to continue working in Canada until your status is corrected. 

You may have the option to apply for a restoration of status within 90 days of the expiry date of your initial permit.

Restoration of status is an extraordinary measure, which may allow individuals to correct the situation in certain situations, allowing you to remain in Canada until the decision on the application for the restoration of status is issued. 

 In the meantime, it is crucial that you do not work illegally, as this would result in breaching the immigration regulations and cause the government to deny your application and even ban you from returning to Canada without special permission from the Minister. 

How to apply for Canadian permanent residency

With some Canadian work experience on your resume, you now have an added advantage when applying for Canadian permanent residency. 

Depending on your specific profile, it is often recommended to earn 12 months of work experience before submitting your application for PR through Canada’s Express Entry system. With this length of work experience, your chances of success vastly increase. You can also qualify for the Canadian Experience Class stream of Express Entry, which places far less weight on other factors like age, education, and language skills. 

If you’re interested in turning your temporary work permit into permanent residency status, we can help. As experienced immigration lawyers we can provide you with the guidance and clarity you need to navigate the complex immigration process and help you take the first steps toward securing your future in Canada. 

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