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What you can do in Canada as a visitor

What you can do in Canada as a visitor

What you can do in Canada as a visitor

Do you know what a visitor visa is? It's a special permission that someone needs to visit another country. For example, if someone wanted to visit Canada, they would need a visitor visa if their country of nationality requires a visa to visit Canada.

When someone applies for a visitor visa, they have to show that they are planning to visit Canada for a good reason, like to see family or go on vacation. They also have to show that they have enough money to pay for their trip and that they plan to go back to their own country when their visit is over.

It means that your financial status in your country of residency, your emotional and social ties to your country are extremely important when applying for a Canadian visitor visa.

If someone gets approved for a visitor visa, it means they can come to Canada for a certain amount of time, usually up to six months. During their visit, they can do things like go sightseeing, visit friends and family, and try Canadian foods like poutine and maple syrup!

It's important to remember that a visitor visa is not the same as becoming a Canadian Permanent resident or a citizen. It is not the same as a study or work permit.

So, what can you do in Canada apart from sightseeing or visiting a family while on a temporary visitor visa?

You may be surprised, but you can do a lot of things in Canada while on a visitor visa:

  2. 1. You can study in Canada as a visitor. How?

    You can attend a program of studies which is 6 months or shorter. No study permit is required if you wish to study in Canada for up to 6 months. 
  4. 2. You may eventually change your visitor status to a long term study permit (1 to 4 years), depending on the duration of chosen program of studies without leaving Canada.

  5. Once you gain a study permit, you will also receive an open work permit allowing you to work in Canada on a part time basis for any employer while pursuing full time studies.
  7. 3. You are not allowed to work while on a visitor visa in Canada, but you can pursue potential employment opportunities, attend job interviews, find a job in Canada and eventually obtain a work permit.

  8. Under certain conditions you may remain in Canada and start working without leaving Canada once your work permit is issued.
  10. 4. You may open a business in Canada

  11. and eventually secure a work permit as an entrepreneur to run your own business or be employed by a business that you establish in Canada.
  13. 5. You may apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

  14. and under certain conditions secure a status of Canadian Permanent Resident without leaving Canada.

To summarize

Your temporary visit to Canada may lead to a number of long term opportunities and may even result in gaining Canadian Permanent Residency.

If you are a visitor in Canada and you wish to change your status to a work permit or study permit, contact us and we will guide you.

If you wish to visit Canada to explore the above listed opportunities, contact us!

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