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Why Immigrate to Canada from Turkey

Why Immigrate to Canada from Turkey

Why Immigrate to Canada from Turkey

For most foreign nationals, Canada is at the top of their list of countries for potential immigration, considering existing immigration options worldwide. There are a variety of factors that contribute to Canada’s reputation of excellence on the world stage, including the many opportunities it can provide to immigrants and to Turkish nationals in particular.

Canada is an ideal place for Turkish immigrants who come with a rich culture from European and Oriental influences, vast experience in major economic industries such as agriculture and manufacturing, and an abundance of young professionals and business people looking for opportunities to make use of their skills on an international level.

So, what exactly attracts Turkish nationals to immigrate to Canada, and why might you want to consider making the North American country your home?

  1. Canada is multicultural

Canada is celebrated across the world for the diversity of its population. Being Canadian is synonymous with growing up in an open-minded and multicultural society where all are welcomed with open arms. Canada has one of the highest numbers of immigrants in the world with many ethnic communities all living in harmony. Turkish nationals interested in establishing themselves abroad can take comfort in the fact that there are over 65,000 immigrants from Turkey living across all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. 

  1. Canada has a growing economy 

While Canada is relatively young as a nation, the Canadian economy is continuously on the rise, currently ranking in the top 10 worldwide. While the world’s economy is experiencing a strong rebound post- COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian economy is headed towards a full recovery in 2022 and onward. At the moment, the unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been. For young Turkish nationals considering building a business or working in Canada, there are plenty of opportunities.

  1. Canada has a world-class educational system

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students flock to Canada for the opportunity to study, and for good reason. Canada has some of the world’s top educational institutions and a Canadian education is highly regarded both within Canada and abroad. Your children’s schooling will be internationally recognized and is attainable at significantly more affordable tuitions than in the US, the UK and Australia for instance.

  1. Free universal healthcare

Much like Turkey’s free universal healthcare, Canada’s medical coverage is free and comprehensive for Citizens of Canada as well as Canadian Permanent Residents The fact that Canada offers free access to universal healthcare to all immigrants with permanent resident status is a major draw for foreign nationals around the world, and eases the transition for any Turkish national in settling in Canada.

  1. Stable political system

Known to foster good relationships with other nations around the world, Canada consistently ranks within the top most peaceful nations in the world, based on its degree of peacefulness both domestically as well as internationally. Canada goes to great lengths to protect the safety and wellbeing of its citizens.

For Turkish nationals who are looking for new opportunities, there are a variety of immigration pathways which could lead them to a long and prosperous life in Canada. 

If you’d like to know more about your Canadian immigration options, the best way to get started is to contact a qualified immigration law firm such as Desjardins Lawyers. 

We’ve helped thousands of individuals realize their immigration goals, and we want to help you succeed, too. We would be happy to discuss your options and help you take the next steps on your Canadian immigration journey. 

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