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How to Improve Your Express Entry Score with Business Immigration to Canada

How to Improve Your Express Entry Score with Business Immigration to Canada

How to Improve Your Express Entry Score with Business Immigration to Canada

An increasing number of business professionals are using Canada’s Express Entry program to acquire their Canada entrepreneur visa since its launch a few years ago. Canada encourages foreigners who have potential skills, formal education, and vindicated work experience to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry program.

As we speak, it is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. The entire process can be completed within only 10 months (following the application). Those advantages (and more) of being able to live and work in Canada faster than the business immigration alternatives offered by the (provincial and/or federal) government are quite striking. Still, not everyone qualifies for an expedited Canada entrepreneur visa.  

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

To ensure that only top-tier candidates are granted permission, the federal government has implemented the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to rank applicants according to their eligibility. Unfortunately, many do not qualify for the program because it is the quickest process leading up to an official and definitive stance. Obtaining the minimum score is not as easy as most people think On account of being the quickest process leading up to an official stance, many do not qualify for the program, unfortunately. Obtaining the minimum score is not as easy as most people think. To find out the current minimum score and see if you qualify, you can simply use the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool. 

There are several ways Express Entry applicants can increase their CRS score. Typically, these include obtaining a provincial nomination, receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer, hiring an employment professional, getting an education from an accredited Canadian institution, increasing work experience (ideally via a Canadian job), and improving one’s English and/or French-speaking skills. However, these methods are not the most efficient way for businesspeople.

Increase the CRS score by up to 250 with Canadian Business Immigration

Suppose you are a businessperson, such as an entrepreneur or investor. In that case, you can improve your score by up to 250 points through 2 business immigration programs: 

  1. Intra-Company Transferees Program (ICT)
  2. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA-Owner/Operator)

The main difference between these 2 programs is that the ICT is designed for corporate immigration through which you establish a branch, parent company, affiliate, or subsidy in Canada. In contrast, LMIA is a type of work permit allowing those typically employed at an executive or manager level, or those with specialized knowledge. 

Both programs allow you to establish a business in Canada. After 12 months of running your business, your CRS score will increase, resulting from work experience in the country (you will have fulfilled), making you a more profitable candidate for the program.

An Alternative to the Express Entry 

If the timeframe (1 year) for establishing a business and work on it before submitting your application – for the Express Entry program – is too inconvenient (timewise), consider applying for the Start-up Visa Program instead. It is a direct application for permanent residency by starting your company anywhere in Canada (with the exception of Quebec). You could be residing and working in Canada in as fast as 2-3 months and obtain your PR within 12-16 months.

However, the Start-up Visa Program is targeted for entrepreneurial-minded applicants who have an innovative idea they desire to turn into a profitable business that can compete on a global level and create local jobs while boosting the Canadian economy; the federal Start-up Visa Program is the premier choice for elite candidates who desire to obtain a Canada entrepreneur visa with limited CIC processing time restrictions.

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